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Saviours Day 2020

Welcome To Muhammads Temple Of  Islam#12. In the city of Philadelphia Pa. .For more information please call  1 215 849 2094 or 215 232 1109 May Master Fard Muhammad Bless you All praise is due too Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. .May Allah Master Fard Muhammad Bless You.

Welcome to Muhammads Temple Of Islam#12.We are located at 2725W. Jefferson St. Philadelphia Pa. 19121.We are Pure followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.My name is Bro. Minister Al Muntaquin Ali,I over see Our Temples affairs.We have a good group of Muslims and a firm foundation for building back our Nation,After what old sellouts have done to it.We have service every sunday at 2pm and wends. 8pm.please come out and hear the life giving teachings of the most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.Our phone no. is 215 232 1109 or 215 849 2094 or e-mail us at us for more information.We also have a Prison out reach ministry,and a soup kitchen.Please send donations to help our programs.Bean pies and Muhammad speaks as well as lecture CD`s and DVD`s are available.For a donation of $10 or More ,you will recieve a free CD or DVD.Please join us for service,and prayer- thank you.
At last a Muhammad`s Temple that We can call Our own!!!!!
Call 215 849 2094or 215 232 1109 for more information.Is there Really only one way to practice Islam,Or have you been lied to?( We are rebuilding Muhammads Temple #12 ,and we are asking true believers,friends,and suporters to send a donation to help us do this hard job of bringing up a respectable Temple to pray and work in. Talk is cheap.Why lip profess?If you truly believe that Allah came to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad and raised up our Messenger Elijah Muhammad You should want to help.Dose this make sense to you?I know from experence that many of the believers have been mistreated in some Temples and by some Ministers,but this is not the case here.We don`t want to just get our hustle on,we truly are going to deliver 17 million dead to the Lamb of God.We must do more than just sell books,tapes,and trinkets if we plan to save our people.Armchair muslims never build anything but trouble for real time believers.This work has been going on for almost 9 years now after a fire,have you done anything at all to help Temple 12 rebuild (believer)?Did you know about the fire?Do you even care what happens to fellow muslims?Were you glad to see less Muslims out of the way of your hustle(and some do think the muslim program is thiers)?Every little bit helps.Do your part Allah Master Fard Muhammad will bless you.AS Salaam Alaikum. Your brother in Truth Minister Al Muntaquin Ali.
Muhammads Temple # 12  Philadelphia Pa.Is now holding wendsday night services at 8pm. We hope you will come.Information call 1 215 849 2094 or 1 215 232 1109   Located at  2725 w. Jefferson St.

The mighty mighty F.O.I. of Muhammads Temple#12

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WE hope you find our web sight as a place of peace.we want to bring you the pure teacings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad,so you can be clear on what he taught.Also find us at( Salaam Alaikum.

Muhammads Temple #12 Station

Fire at Muhammads Temple #12

As Salaam Alaikum.....We had a very bad fire at Muhammads Temple#12 in Philadelphia Pa.We are rebuilding and can use the believers suport.If you can send a donation please do.Send all donations to Muhammads temple P.O.Box29683 Phila.Pa. 19144.Thank you Bro minister Al Muntaquin Ali.         The Lamb said money good homes and friendship in all walks of life could be yours if you submit to Allah(M.F.M.)We will have offers for you soon from this section.For now you can enjoy a Temple service in your home for a donation of $10 or more for a free CD or DVD as we THANK you for your help as we rebuild.These lectures will be a blessing in your life.

Behold I will send you ELIJAH the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the lord.Malachi 4:5

Brother Min Al Muntaquin Ali